The Samsung Galaxy will have probably as well as the Galaxy devices S6 and S6 edge note 5 no microSD card slot. For this, it should be responsible among other technical reasons as the Web site reported.

Samsung Galaxy Touch 5 without microSD card slot?
Already at the Galaxy S6, Samsung installed fast internal flash memory UFS 2.0, which is much faster than conventional eMMC 5.0 both reading and writing. The South Koreans could use also for the Galaxy note 5 the memory technology. An interplay between UFS is not so easy 2.0 Flash memory and slower microSD cards. Samsung should use 5 slower memory note in the Galaxy, so that users could use also microSD cards. It is however considered unrealistic.

Galaxy Note 5: so far no official information from Samsung
Recently, a 3D-CAD-Render of the Samsung Galaxy has surfaced note 5, which shows a model of the device from all sides. Official information is not available yet however. The previous model Galaxy rated 4 currently occupies fourth place our Mobile leaderboard and in the online trading Around 547 euro.