Get Smartphones such as the Galaxy S6 edge plus your own app store? Apparently Samsung plans to significantly extend the functionality of its Phablets with curved edge of display in the future: the South Korean company has secured the brand name “Apps Edge” with the US authorities.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and S6 Edge make use of curved displays in some very cool ways. They have what’s called an “Edge display,” and it’s used to feed you information like news, weather, time, your latest messages and incoming calls.

So what more can be done with them? The company filed a trademark for “Apps Edge” at the USPTO, and while these trademarks don’t typically give us a solid idea of what they’ll be used for (they’re not even used a lot of the time) we can at least dream.

The entry in the “U.S. patent and Trademark Office” tell you little about, but what’s exactly to turn at the “edge of apps”, Phandroid reports. It is conceivable, however, that Samsung wants to publish special apps in the future, better exploit the edges of devices such as the Galaxy S6 to edge.

For the Galaxy S6 edge plus Samsung secures brand name Apps Edge

More edge third-party apps?

According to Phandroid, it is possible that Samsung soon released an API that is focused entirely on the edge Smartphones that help developers create special apps even better than ever before using the feature. While there are already applications that edge on Galaxy touch edge and the Galaxy S6 tailored; using an own Samsung unique feature of smartphones would be even better app stores and more third-party applications.

That the manufacturer from South Korea edge currently working on the successor of the Galaxy S6, seems relatively safe: so Samsung has secured only recently the brand name “Galaxy S6 edge +” for the United States itself. Rumored, the Phablet should be developed under the code name “Project Zen” and get a 5.7 inch display. In the conversation are for the Galaxy S6 plus edge also the Snapdragon 808 as a drive and a 16 MP camera on the back. We will sure know what hides behind the name “Apps Edge”, when Samsung the Galaxy S6 edge plus officially launches.

How important, Samsung are the edges of its edge devices, was evident recently when the company in a commercial mocked the Smartphone of competitors who do not have this special feature. If you want to know what the edges of the Galaxy S6 edge could serve currently then you will find it in our guide to the subject.