On the this year’s comic con 2015, also a presentation on “Game Of Thrones” could not be missed. While new information about the series was however extremely scarce, the following amusing casting video was shown after all.

“Game of Thrones” is now an integral part of the comic con for several years. So, the fantasy series by HBO was again represented this year at the fair. But after the series with the fifth season recently to an end, which shocked left behind once again numerous fans, has closed up now to the previously published book templates by George R.R. Martin, on the comic con were present “game of Thrones”-involved, including among other things the actor Gwendoline Christie, Carice van Houten, Natalie Dormer, Sophie Turner, Alfie Allen, Maisie Williams and Liam Cunningham , the Director David Nutter and producer Carolyn Strauss included, with regard to new information about the content and very covered cast newcomers of the sixth season.

As book readers and series heads are now on a stand, is the secrecy to the continuity of the series as big as never before. As a result, there is not answers to the burning questions. Just by the actors, who have participated at the comic con, said no one knew how it would proceed with their respective figures. Therefore their statements were limited to mainly on events, for the fifth season and their personal hopes and wishes.

Sansa strong actress Sophie Turner had it in this context also not taking once again talk to her much-discussed rape scene. According to their statement, Sansa was still a strong character, regardless of what has happened to her recently. In addition, Turner took the controversy to the staging of the sequence on the grain by them himself has complained jokingly that the camera in the aforementioned scene on Theon was, even though she thought that she has meanwhile delivered a great performance.

Producer Strauss thought it was also necessary to address the allegation that in the recent season even more cruel the characters had been dealt with,: “just because something is painful, it doesn’t mean that it would be a good point in history. It was done not because of pain, but in spite of the pain.” Away from the Strauss mentioned that there were so far no plans to show episodes of the fifth season, again in selected IMAX theaters so as it has been the case at the fourth. This don’t be excluded however. Asked about George R.R. Martins participation in future seasons, she announced finally that its input and involvement, despite its focus on the completion of the outstanding novels, will be as important as before.

The filming of the sixth ‘game of Thrones’ Germany already recently have started. Expected April 2016 the new episodes will be available again soon in this country via sky and broadcast on HBO. At the latest, fans know what happens with their still-remaining beloved figures.