Even US President Barack Obama seems to be a “Game of Thrones” fan and brings Nutter regarding Jon Snow sweat.

The eyes and ears of all the “Game of Thrones” fans are directed to the Comic-Con in San Diego these days. At the most burning interest to the many fans of course, the answer to a question: Is Jon Snow really dead or not.

The fate of the “Game of Thrones” -Lieblings Kit Harington is a major theme at Comic-Con
With true passion every facial emotion the actor and every word of the “Game of Thrones” -Verantwortlichen is placed on the weighing pan, if not the one or other indication of the persistence of the popular “got” can hear hero Jon Snow. To the disappointment of the fans this time all tightly, and not a word can be interpreted as an indication of the survival kit Haringtons. Nevertheless, he seems to have a prominent advocate.

Even Barack Obama is showing interest in the further course of “Game of Thrones”
But fate Kit Haringtons aka Jon Snow seems to be moving not only simple fans. As “The Wall Street Journal” reported director David Nutter was even questioned by President Obama about the fate of Jon Snow. As Nutter told himself at Comic-Con in San Diego, the president put his hand on his shoulder and asked the “Game of Thrones” director mutatis mutandis: “You have not let Jon Snow to die, right?”

No change in Kit Harington in the creators of “Game of Thrones”
A real sensation would have been if Nutter would have answered the question with a resounding “No”, because who dares even to lie to the US president. But joking aside, the answer Nutters was, by its own account: “John Snow is deader than dead.” Anyway, the answer Nutters is not new with respect to the “GoT” -Lieblings Kit Harington, because it makes them like a mantra announced at every opportunity since the final episode of the fifth season. Therefore, it can also scandalize anyone.

Even in the US hit series “Game of Thrones” hope dies last
As a true fan kit Haringtons, hope dies last known and if one juxtaposes the statements recently, the points distribution would look like this: make hope for a return: Emilia Clarke, President Obama, George RR Martin and the bookmaker . William Hill Against a Return Jon Snow’s talk: Kit Harington, who “got” from the creators and Maisie Williams . That leaves hope for all who believe in the return of their favorite series.