Many people watched or attended to view Kevin Garnett’s who was the first game back in Minnesota. Kevin has the desire to witness this form of moments once again and he has decided to pay for 1,000 funs to attend their game against Los Angel on Monday. He is doing this as a method of thanking the funs upon his return.

He feels amazed by the way the funs have responded since his arrival in Minnesota and he say it has been unbelievable for him, hence he feels it will be worth to treat 1,000 funs to attend the game on Monday.

Garnett award 1,000 tickets to Mondays Wolves gameHe mainly targeted the frenzied state. He dreams of achieving his goal of receiving that number of crowd on night basis.

The young team have been learning form the veterans and the funs are also buy back into the franchise. He feels buying for the funs the tickets would be special treatment.