Gavin Newsom, Lt. Governor of California, went on record on Wednesday about his constituting a committee in his run up for the post of governor in 2018, and it is considered to be his first step for the top post of the state. He wrote about himself on Facebook that he never favored pretense and was not amenable to procrastination. He stressed the independent and outspoken spirit of the Californians who, he said, do what they really believe. Believing in the bright future of the state, he added, he was establishing a committee to vie for California Governor in the year 2018.

Gavin Newsom Takes First Step Toward Running for California GovernorHis early announcement would provide him an edge over his potential challengers in the matter of fund raising. He still has a surplus of $3 million out of his last campaign. In the run up for Governor of California, he needs to raise resources, he said, and praised the people of the state. He is accepting Bitcoin payments on his website, and it conforms well to his tech-savvy image. One of the most celebrate politicians of the state of California, Newsom had been elected the Lt Governor of California in November. On Sen. Barbara’s announcement of her retirement after 2016, it was speculated that Newsom would run for the open Senate seat, but he set at rest all speculation by announcing that he does not intend to run in 2016. Newsom had been the Mayor of San Francisco between 2004 and 2011, and thought about running for governor in 2010, but settled for the number two position on Brown entering the race. Now, that he has made his intention clear early for 2018, he has scored a point over his potential challengers.