2016 health insurer generali wants to bring an app on the market despite harsh criticism, which monitors fitness and nutrition of the insured. Who healthy lives, you want to pay less.

Despite sharp criticism of data and consumer protection agencies, the insurance group generali adheres to their plans to monitor people with health insurance through special cell phone programs and discounts them as a reward for a healthy lifestyle. “We assume that we 2016 come with first products on the market in the first half of the year,” said a spokeswoman for the economic newspaper “Euro am Sonntag”. In the annual report for 2014 generali had sought even a start for end of 2015.

Generali adheres to fitness app Controversial app to monitor fitness and nutrition

End of solidarity or beginning a fairer assessment of the post?

Generali had announced last November that for Germany a “behavior-based insurance model” plan, which collects data on fitness, diet, and lifestyle on a specific Smartphone app. The insurance group that sparked a storm of protest. Critics worry among others about privacy. The Group spokeswoman confirmed now, privacy and transparency would be “top priority”. But should the public discussion “not only risk but also opportunity-oriented be carried”. Private health insurers Allianz had rejected the introduction of a fitness app last week. “So tempting that may sound to some, the approach is so wrong”, wrote the head of Allianz Insurance, Birgit König, in an article for the “Wirtschaftswoche”. She also criticized the data collection related by the customers as disproportionate.