The head of UEFA should have humiliated him

They were once friends, Sepp Blatter has no good word more for UEFA Chief Michel Platini left. He should have humiliated him. But also in Germany and England, Blatter is not good hair. It was so unbearable in Germany including the hypocrisy for him.

The reigning FIFA President Sepp Blatter will bring out to the genre and complains about Michel Platini. The “Look” onlinereported that. “Michel Platini was once my friend”, he is quoted. 2007, the two sat together in addition to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

But a year later the friendship should have changed. Platini put him several places behind the former Swiss President Couchepin. “So I made more or less on the sidelines”, Blatter complained.

Cancellation with a gigantic feast

In addition Platini should have urged him to resign. As he reported the “look”, he should have proposed him for a personal interview, to make even a Congress and to announce his resignation at the end. He would have to keep even his Office at FIFA.

Blatter has problems not only with Platini, but also with England and Germany. As “Looking” further reported, the FIFA President accused the English to fulminate from calculus against FIFA . They lost their former supremacy according to Blatter the departure of the last British FIFA President Sir Stanley Rous in 1974. Since then should want to suffer and win back by the attacks against the FIFA of their power under the loss of control in the Football League.

The Germans are hypocrites

Also in Germany, Blatter left no good hair at his interview. “The German Association has no Ethics Committee. All people from these circles the criticism comes today, I would delay reforms – reforms that they themselves rejected. The hypocrisy is still unbearable”, he explained.