New concerns have been raised over certain treatment methods when it comes to gonorrhoea, as it has been discovered that many websites are offering a sub-optimal treatment. When it comes to sexually transmitted infection within the UK, gonorrhoea is the second most common bacterial infection, with almost 30,000 people being diagnosed with it in 2013. If the infection is not treated immediately it can lead to health issues that can get quite dangerous.

Gonorrhoea Not Being Treated CorrectlyCurrently, patients that have contracted gonorrhoea need to receive a strong antibiotic, which can only come in the form of an injection. However, there are seven UK based websites, including large UK retail chain Superdrug, which offer oral antibiotics instead of the injection. The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, who currently set the guidelines around the country for gonorrhoea treatment that doctors provide, have stated that the use of these oral antibiotics is just not sufficient when it comes to fighting the infection.

The websites offer an online consultation service to their patients, where they find out what the patient’s specific symptoms are, as well as taking a medical history. They then prescribe the antibiotic tablets without informing the patient to notify all of their sexual partners about the infection, which could lead to a higher rate of spreading. They also do not tell the patients that a further test is necessary in order to see that the gonorrhoea treatment has worked.

The websites have all been notified and although they do still offer the antibiotic tablets, they have now placed warning notices on their websites, informing their patients that the injection is the best form of treatment.