Google’s chrome browser will enable in the future, parallel to integrate multiple languages in the spell checker.

House not chrome offers so-bad spelling checker, which red underlines incorrectly typed words from one. Although the language to be tested this function can be changed of course, so far, enabling multiple languages to be checked was however not an option – this will change in the future.

Two days ago, made the chrome team publicly available browser version 45.0.2453.0 in the developer channel and thus making a first step to the multilingual spell-checker. In the change log for the new version of chromium, the following point finds himself, for example:

Google Chrome in the Future with Multilingual Spellchecker

The user interface now allows selecting different languages for testing although both in a text field are used. This change however is not operational yet and until we will see the implementation in a final version of chrome, it will probably take quite a while.

Just on the Internet communicates in many places even in English, since it seems already practical, not always having to adapt the language of the spelling correction.