In a recent update, it has been notified that Google is going to turn off the Helpout service on 20th April, 2015. In the early morning, it has been notices that Google Helpouts has been removed from iTunes and Google Play. Google Helpouts has been considered an application used by Google during video chat in order to connect users online. Being launched on 2013, Helpouts were aligned in order to aid the users in video chat even from mobile device.

Google – Closing Down Helpouts, Expert Video Online ServiceThe concept of Helpouts is to gear up the Google identifying tools, to provide online video facility and also payment terms so as to provide the users both charge free and paid service. Helpouts offer suggestions in various subjects like Parenting, Cooking, Parenting etc. and for Google, this service is already provided by Youtube. Yes indeed Youtube’s videos won’t connect you to someone in real time, but the answers you are looking for, you will get those from such videos. Again Youtube’s videos generates extra income for google.

Helpouts has some money constraints too. Just a few months before, Google has to turn off paid service of Helpouts for the UK customers. So now UK customers may have only charge free Helpouts. At the same time, Helpouts mobile apps are not proven so much attractive. Initially those have drawn some attention, but once the iOS apps popularity raised, Helpouts apps cant get into limelight anymore. Moreover, the Google Play version has been dropped down from the market over a month ago whereas iOS just now has been vanished from the sight.