Google does not want to be left behind in the segment of devices with integrated screens thought to be the center of the digital home. In this regard, the publication TechCrunch has been able to know from various sources that Google would be working on the development of a device similar to the Amazon Echo Show, known internally under the code name Manhattan.

It would have a 7-inch screen and besides integrating the Google Assistant, as it could not be otherwise, it would also take integrated YouTube, Google Photos, and video calling capabilities. This could be an incentive to boost some of your services, such as Google Duo or Hangouts.

Google would be developing a device similar to the Amazon Echo Show

The initial intention is for its launch to occur in the middle of next year, but the existing pressures could get you ahead of the rest of this year, something that seems complicated because of the movements that have to perform to reach various associations that enable users to have and use the units they purchase. At the moment no price estimates are known.

An interesting aspect is that it would have a version of Android, so there would be the possibility that third-party developers can carry out applications for Manhattan, thus increasing the possibilities of use.

In this way, Google would enter to compete not only with the Amazon Echo Show but also with another device of similar characteristics in which Facebook is also working.