The Senate Intelligence Committee has invited the platforms to appear in a session to give details of the possible influence of Russia in the United States elections.

The alleged influence of Russia in the presidential elections of the past 2016 in the United States continues to be investigated and, with it, the platforms through which the Kremlin could have disseminated information. The Senate Intelligence Committee has invited Google, Facebook and Twitter to appear before lawmakers on November 1 to shed light on the controversial case.

Google, Facebook and Twitter could testify for alleged Russian espionage

Social networks will have to answer questions about how Russia might have spread information and even bought 3,000 political ads to some 470 Russian fake accounts in the case of Facebook. The company founded by Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that it has received the invitation from the Senate, but has not announced whether it will attend, reported The Hill.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr said the purpose of the appearance is to advance the investigation and that it is not necessary for the CEOs of the companies to come forward.

The most important thing is for the person “to be able to talk about the technical aspects that he needs to identify the foreign money that can enter the country and what procedures, if any, should be included in the law to ensure an election which are not invaded by foreign entities “.

On September 22, Zuckerberg announced that he would share the 3,000 ads with the US Congress and with which Russia tried to influence the election that gave the victory to Donald Trump, in addition to regulating advertising on the platform.