class=” wp-image-2376 alignleft” src=”” alt=”Google Launches ‘Digital Garage'” width=”447″ height=”282″ />Google launched its first Digital Garage on Friday in Leeds, England. The garage is a multi million pound project which will help around 200,000 businesses in Britain to properly harness the power of the internet, allowing their business to grow like never before.

Google has previously been criticised by many organisations in Europe, for the way in which it dominates internet search, as well as other digital services. However, Google has promised that by 2016, they will have trained 1 million Europeans on internet skills, as well as set up an online hub which would be able to support small businesses.

Their first garage in Leeds will officially open on March 30th for six months, after which it will move around to five other cities in Britain. The garage will act like a drop in centre, where people can come for advice on building websites, developing e-commerce, building mobile sites, and optimising their search engine rankings.

The managing director of Google for the UK, Eileen Naughton, has said that when it comes to small businesses in the UK, only 30 perccent of them have a good online presence. Google wants to help the remaining seventy percent to establish themselves on the internet and grow as a business. Since small businesses do not have the large IT departments that bigger companies have, they will be able to greatly benefit from the Digital Garage.

It is also a first for Google, as they have never set up an outpost in a city before, so the company is also extremely excited to see how well it does.