With the goal of offering websites that charge faster between mobile phones, Google today presents new features on its web testmysite.

Comment on his blog the importance of loading time of a web within a mobile, where every second is decisive. They indicate that 50% of users expect websites to load in less than 2 seconds, and that many of them quit if time exceeds that value.

On your website, in addition to knowing the number of seconds that our site takes to load, we can see the number of visitors we can lose, a calculation made taking into account statistics related to abandonment for every second of waiting on the part of the user. We will also see our position regarding the competition (other companies in the sector), and some tips to speed up the web, as we will receive a personalized evaluation with specific recommendations.

During the analysis the load time is verified with a 3G connection, it analyzes the css, the javascript … all the typical resources of a web, as well as the size of texts for reading from mobile.

Currently Spain has an average speed index of 8.7 seconds, and in its blog have published some graphs that show the Spanish ranking by industry by speed index. Spain is the third place with 8.7 seconds on average, after Germany (8.1 seconds on average) and Holland (8.6 seconds on average).

Arriving at 2 seconds is practically impossible, which is why they want to develop both the AMP format.