In the US, Google has penalized some users with account blockages, which had profitably sold their cheaply acquired pixel phone to a commercial dealer.

Some Google users currently complain about blocked accounts in the US. The reason is obviously the new Pixel Phone, because Google apparently actively against the commercial resale of its smartphones, as the Guardian, referring to the US American bargain page Dan’s Deals reports.

Resale of equipment from mobile phone contract

According to this, some 200 fresh pixel owners had bought their brand-new smartphones cheaply in the contract with Google’s own mobile phone provider Fi and sold them profitably to a commercial dealer in the US state of New Hampshire. As no new resale taxes were imposed in New Hampshire, the retailer could then sell the smartphones to their own customers at a higher price.

However, the seller violates Google’s terms of use for the pixel, which prohibits a commercial resale of the smartphone. The manufacturer was therefore forced to take a dramatic step and completely blocked the Google accounts of the people concerned. These are thus cut off by email account, photo albums in the cloud, and also many personal data.

The terms and conditions are also clear in Germany

Whether Google could also proceed in other cases against the resale of pixel smartphones, is so far unknown. The fact is, however, that the general terms and conditions of Google are also unambiguous here and prohibit the resale of pixels and pixels XL. The case, however, shows what dependency many smartphone and Internet users now have from Google. With its multitude of digital services, the Group now controls a large part of the digital life for a large number of users and, in case of doubt, keeps a suitable means of pressure in hand.