There will be users using some Google services and users using more of them. Google, over time, has been launching a multitude of services, developing new technologies, and accumulating experiences that other developers and enthusiasts will now be able to benefit, as the company has just launched Abseil, its collection of bookstores developed in C ++ belonging to the parties most elementary basis of the Google internal code.

These libraries are part of almost all the services that Gooogle currently has, and are also part of its open source projects. Those interested can now access this collection, available under the Apache license, through the GitHub platform.

Google releases Abseil, its collection of used bookstores in key parts of its services

According to Google: “Abseil encompasses the most basic development blocks of Google’s code base: code that is tested in production and will be fully maintained over the next few years.”

In this sense it should be noted that Abseil has taken into account that the source code of the available libraries is compatible with the main compilers, platforms and standard libraries for the next five years, a time horizon that seeks to maintain a balance between supporting everything and provide modern implementations and APIs.

This collection will expand over time with the integration of new libraries, including those that Google uses to support other open source projects. Google will also launch new distribution methods that allow the incorporation of the projects supported by the libraries in a collection for the projects themselves.

The more technical details of Abseil are also exposed both in the official announcement and on the collection page in GitHub.