With the free Google Photoscanner, now available for Android and iOS, you can digitize all your photos. Now try the latest photo offers at Pixum! And make them available online in Google Photos. Simply scan the desired image as uniformly as possible, scan it with the app and your photo is already available in a digital copy. This digital image can then be easily processed – and the quality can be more than just look. We have all the important information and the download for you.

Analog Photos and Photo AlbumsPlease check out the latest Pixum photo offers! Are still popular memories of ancient times. The disadvantage: With the increasing digitalization of everyday life, more and more actually captured photos are getting stuck in the shoe box and are considered far too rare. Digitizing with flatbed scanners or at least photoscanners designed for them is either expensive or lengthy – even for real lovers. Google wants to help you here now and offers with the new Photoscanner app an application for the smartphone. Now discover the latest bargains at Saturn !, which will save you exactly those annoying intermediate steps. Google does not follow a new idea – but in practice, the new app works much better than previously used by the competition.

Google revolutionizes photography Free tool digitizes every old photo

This is ensured by numerous automatisms and processing functions. For example, disturbing reflections are automatically removed from the digital image. In addition, the app comes with corrections for the perspective on your smartphone and automatically cuts the images to the best size and resolution. In general, the quality of “scans” is extremely high. This is made possible by the fact that the Google Photoscanner works with several scanning processes and can always select the best image sections. You can, of course, also process all the photos in Google Photos – the pictures are available in the cloud, just like any image captured with the smartphone.