The technology giant would be manufacturing a speaker that would keep certain similarities with the Amazon Echo Show.

Smart loudspeakers are defining much of the present technology in the home, with more and more companies making available to the public their particular vision – sometimes not so particular, right, Sony? – of what should be the ideal smart speaker . But what if the speaker is added a screen?

Google Works on a Smart Speaker with Screen

This is the premise that Amazon started to launch the Amazon Echo Show, a terminal that has a built-in display to complement the voice commands through which the device is controlled. The idea seemed to like Facebook, who would also be working on a simulate, and now also Google, which according to TechCrunch would be doing the same with a device known internally with the name Manhattan.

Like the company of Mark Zuckerberg and the Echo Show, the dimensions of the screen would be around 7 inches, which seems to have become almost unintentional in the standard for these models. As for the filing date, we do not seem to see any mention of it in the presentation of the new Pixel that will take place within a few days (although it will launch a reduced version of Google Home in it), postponing this until 2018.

Google, omnipresent

Google’s decision to manufacture such a device, of course, is not accidental. Getting your virtual assistant in more houses means also being able to collect more data to continue improving it, which implies that this will be better also in smartphones, where intelligence is increasingly important.

This is also known after Google decided to eliminate support for YouTube in the Amazon Echo – application that will be on your device, of course. The competition also has grounds to fear a terminal whose operating system will be Android, making the availability of both applications and compatibility between the device and smartphones on the world’s most widespread mobile platform are simpler.

The war to conquer the homes of users has already begun and promises to be very interesting in a few months, when all the letters are on the table. Even so, it is still a long way for these products to begin to be seen in a massive way in homes.