The Republicans are trying to keep government in pressure from the beginning of taking power of the chambers of Congress in January. But things are going far away now! In a recent hearing, Republicans claimed that the Justice Department has been providing money to some activist groups illegally along with the transactions with two large banks.

Tom Marino mentioned that he was really worried about the fact that someone at the highest level of Justice has deciding who will get a certain amount of money. This is indeed wrong. David Trott, the owner of a law firm that help banks to dislodge borrowers claimed that it seems a little bit like a hail fund. Overall, the Republicans think that President Barack Obama along with Attorney General Eric Holder have made a huge plan to help out the negligible portion.

GOP Reveals New Controversies on Mortgage AdjustmentsIf Trott’s thinking is correct, then indeed the Justice Department is approaching to a real slurry fund. Till now, not a single penny has been lent to any of the activist groups. Both the banks – Bank of America and Citigroup haven’t yet decided about to which organizations money will be served.

Republicans are raising their voice in a matter incorporated fraud adjustments in DOJ considering both banks including huge misdeeds in mortgage securities sector that leads to financial crisis in the consecutive years. In the agreement, it has been clearly mentioned that both the banks will contribute a total of $30 million, 1 percent of the total multi billion fine – in order to adjust mortgage facilities.