Greece has called for a talk with its lenders on technical issues of reforms immediately which is likely to facilitate an end to its present bailout programme, and allowance for fresh loans. With this aim in view, finance ministers from Eurozone countries are scheduled to meet next week.

On Greece  being able to conclude its present bailout meaning thereby to implement reforms that previous government agreed to carry out, but opposed by the present one; it would be entitled to claim the remaining part of 250 billion euro package by IMF. It needs around 4.5 billion Euros monthly that includes pension and wage bill of 1.5 billion Euros. It is not entitled to receive any further aid till a review by its lenders about the implementation of the financial reforms needed under the bailout package. Greece needs to repay a sum of 1.5 billion Euros in the next two weeks to the International Monetary Fund.

Greece Proposes Immediate Technical Talks for Further Aids under Bailout ProgramAs per the Reuters, the Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis wrote a letter to Jeroen Dijsselblorn, the chairman of eurozone finance ministers on Friday conveying the government’s view about the necessity of discussion between the government’s technical team and that of the institutions. The letter further added that Greece did not want to wait till April to start the talk. It proposed the talks to be held in  Brussels instead of at Athens. The letter concluded with a proposal that the new deal be named “Contract for Recovery and Growth of the Greek Economy”. As per the AFP news agency which has a copy of the letter in Greek, the letter also included a proposal to take into account seven reforms as the basis of the technical talks with the lenders comprising the European Central Bank, European Commission, and the IMF.

The deputy finance ministers of Eurozone, and experts from the European Commission had a meeting on Thursday to discuss Greek proposals ahead of the scheduled meeting of finance ministers on Monday.