On Tuesday, Greece got a four month extension of its financial rescue, when the reform planned was given a go ahead by its euro zone partners.

The decision was reached upon by the finance minister through telephone conference which was witnessed by Jeroen Dijsselbloem Euro group Chairman.

A head lies a tuff negotiation which is concerned with the countries long term economic future.

Yanis Varoufakis, Marxist finance minister sent Brussels a six page documents as needed by creditors, it watered down the promises of campaign for ending privatization, raise minimum wages and ad the funding of the welfare.

Assurance would be required on key reforms of taxation, privatization and pensions.

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Greed aid extension is back by Euro zone, and clearer reforms are neededThe letter form Greek pledged for ongoing or completed privatization not to be reserved and no negative fiscal effect should be realized by the fight of what is referred to as humanitarian crisis by the government.

The letter said Greece would phase in collective bargaining with a view to raising minimum wages “over time” but promised that any changes would be agreed with its partners.

While Tsipras has won broad support in his coalition for the deal clinched in Brussels, some hardline leftists have criticized it and the conservative opposition has charged that his illusions have been punctured.

On Saturday, Tsipras called the tentative accord a victory for Greece, but participants said Athens was isolated in the talks and forced to make humiliating concessions because its banks were running out of cash.