A gunman intruded in the Druzba restaurant in a town called Uhersky Brod in Czech Republic, and fired indiscriminately killing eight people before he shooting himself dead, as informed by Mayor Patrik Kuncar.

There were around 20 people inside the restaurant, when the gunman entered and started shooting. A waitress shot in her chest is in a critical condition in a hospital. The gunman has been suspected to be a local in his 60s. Police termed the shooting incident as the worst ever in the country, while Milan Chovanec, Interior Minister, did not consider it to be a terrorist attack. Boshuslav Sobotka, the Czech Prime Minister, shocked at the incident, has offered his condolences to the bereaved families. The Mayor of the town termed it as an isolated case, and said that there had been strong anti-terror measures in practice in the town. He added that it did not seem to him to be an act of terror as a lonely gunman struck without any warning. However, he said, he was appalled by the incident and could not imagine an incident of such kind in a restaurant well known to him.

Pavel Karlik, the restaurant owner, said that on the attacker walking into the property and opening firing, he escaped along with some guests through a backdoor and called police and ambulances. The gunman is reported to have contacted a national television channel before the start of the attack. The head of the regional broadcasting of the Prima Channel, Pavel Lebduska, informed that the caller complaining about bullying and no help from public institutions, informed about his having a gun in his hands and hostages who would be dealt with in his own way. Lebduska said that the caller had also told his name, but it would remain a secret for the present. The TV channel had informed about the call immediately to the police.

The kind of shooting carried out is rare in Czech Republic, but it is a fact that many people in rural areas own weapons due to hunting being their popular hobby.