The actor famous for his roles in Indiana Jones and Star Wars films, Harrison Ford, has been hospitalized after he was injured in a small plane crash on a golf course in California near Los Angeles. The injuries suffered by Harrison, 72, have been termed as “moderate”, and the actor is reported to have been conscious and breathing. His vintage two-seater plane being piloted by him crashed at Penmar golf course near the municipal airport of Santa Monica Thursday afternoon.Los Angeles assistant fire chief, Patrick Butler, addressing a press conference after the actor’s hospitalization, told that he was alert and conscious, and had suffered moderate trauma. Butler added that paramedics had started an IV, spinal immobilization, and all other necessary medical protocols as usual. He was thankful for Harrison suffering only moderate injuries as reports indicated lacerations on the face and possibly, fractures.

Harrison Ford, the Actor, Crash Lands and Gets InjuredThe television news footage showed the actor being taken to an ambulance on a stretcher. The United Talent Agency, representative of Ford, issued a statement which delineated the sequences of the accident. It said that his plane being stalled upon take-off had to make an emergency landing, and he did it safely to a great extent. He got injured, he added, on being banged up, and is in a hospital for medical care. The Agency further added that his injuries were not life threatening, and he was expected to achieve full recovery.The actor’s son, Ben, thanked on Twitter his dad’s fans and people in general for their good wishes for his dad who, he added, was bruised and injured, but safe. He further described his dad as a strongman that he had been all through his life.