Tottenham and West Ham have always had some rivalry between them, and it does not look like this is set to end anytime soon. Emmanuel Adebayor, currently at Tottenham, was hoping to join West Ham on loan until the end of the season, but there were some disagreements between the conditions of the transfer. The Spurs wanted the Hammers to pay 75% of Adebayor’s salary, which is £100,000 a week, and were also expressing much reluctance in allowing their forward to join a rival team.

The Spurs had been looking to transfer out Adebayor for a while, but the forward repeatedly turned down many loan offers, most of which came from Italy, as he was hoping to be able to stay in London. Adebayor’s representative, Darren Dein, believed that he had found the ideal solution to the problem with this transfer to West Ham. Adebayor has only played a total of 113 minutes for Tottenham.

Heightened Tension Between Tottenham and West HamHowever, when the Hammers did not accept the conditions and the Spurs did not want to re-negotiate, the deadline passed with no decision being made. The co-chairman of West Ham spoke out on Twitter, stating that “there are people out there that you just can’t do business with”, clearly alluding to Daniel Levy, chairman of Tottenham.

Levy has had a history of not only frustrating his own players by keeping them at the club against their will, but he has also refused to attend away matches at Chelsea because of the tension and bad rivalry between the two clubs.