There is no doubt that GoPro is not going through precisely its best moment but rather the opposite, since it is in a market where over the last few years have been appearing many brands of action cameras that have put on the market much more affordable action cameras under a quality of photos and videos moderately acceptable for many users.

That is why GoPro has thrown all the meat on the grill and wants to differentiate itself from the other options on the market with its new model Hero 6 Black, a new model presented today at its event in San Francisco where aesthetically is quite similar to the previous version but with improvements introduced internally, starting with the use of a customized processor, the GP1, which offers all the power and performance to offer the features that have been most demanding, starting with the possibility of capture videos at 4K to 60 fps, as has been rumored in recent weeks.

Hero 6 Black and Fusion, the new devices presented today by GoPro

In addition, the new processor allows to improve the image quality, the dynamic range and the performance in conditions of low luminosity, offering in any case videos completely stabilized. GoPro adds that the new processor also enhances GoPro’s capabilities in computer vision and auto-learning.

Also note that the new Hero 6 Black is also capable of capturing videos at 2.7K at 120fps and at 1080p at 240fps. Regarding the photographs, the new model is able to capture photos up to 18MP resolution, being able to make use of RAW and HDR modes. The possibility of digital zoom, or the possibility of using WiFi networks at 5 Ghz, triple the download speed in the phone, make up other news of this model.

Already on sale, its price is 569.99 euros, something superior but interesting considering that it leaves the use of the processor Ambarella, used in rival companies, by a customized processor.

On the other hand, GoPro has also released its spherical camera, the GoPro Fusion, which will reach stores from November to a series of markets, including the European, at the price of 749.99 euros. Among its features is the ability to capture spherical video 5.2K at 30 fps and at 3K at 60 fps. As for photographs, it is capable of capturing immersive photos at 18 MP. It also has advanced stabilization system, possibility to realize time-lapse and night-lapse, rafices, and also integrates the OverCapture feature, to create traditional videos from spherical videos.

It also supports Audio 360 and most standard GoPro mount brackets. The idea is basically to facilitate the capture of spherical content without having to use a complex GoPro camera system mounted on a special mount.

In addition to these two new features, GoPro has updated the firmware of its KARMA dron to offer compatibility with the HERO 6 Black cameras and even offers two new modes: Follow and Watch, which use the GPS. According to the company, with the first mode you can now follow the Karma knob automatically while it is in motion and keep the user focused during the shot. With “Watch”, Karma will remain floating steadily in its place while turning to look wherever the Karma knob is.

It also extends the mode of automatic firing Cable-Cam and ability to tilt the camera “Look up”, according to the company.