Hillary Clinton is taking time to announce her candidacy because of continuous instability of Republican side, and the absolute submissiveness from the Democratic side. At the end of January, Politico claimed that Hilary was planning of delaying her political drive from April to July. The decision reflected that Hilary is not feeling any urgency to rush for the campaign and to be in front of the public soon. The concept didn’t work for the mass people while they think that keeping away from the campaign is not a very good strategy to win the race.

Hillary Clinton-Waiting to Respond in the Electoral CampaignBut those who are in support of Clinton are taking things differently. They are expressing the media criticism is only self-made which can be well handled while Clinton will announce the presidential bid. Sen. Chuck Schumer mentioned to the Huffington Post, “There is no hurry, if she needs time to set up her own strategy, she has time then.” A spokesperson of Clinton has denied speaking of anything regarding the timing of her entrance. Yet several donors claimed that they assume that there is no hurry for her to enter into the field right now.

In the meantime, both the advantages and disadvantages of the delay has become clear to all. As an advantage, the Democrats especially those who are highly committed didn’t seem to be interested to attack Clinton too rigidly. One of the contenders, Sen. Bernie Sanders mentioned this week that a combination between him and Clinton will not be possible. But he assured that the clash won’t involve any kind of negativity. He never did such type of political spots in early days nor does he have any plan to do it in future.