Have you ever thought about how it would be hard to diagnose HIV or syphilis? The thing is that it is not easy for anyone. First, you have to go to a physician and have a long embarrassing conversation there and after that, you need to wait for some time devoured by doubts and fear. Scary, right? Moreover, the procedure is rather pricey what doesn’t help too.

However, we live in the future where technology is in progress and this tendency affects medicine too. Columbia University scientists have launched a device preview that would help with HIV and syphilis self-diagnostics. It takes just a finger prick of blood and 15 minutes to learn if you have contracted one of the diseases.

The device (the engineers call it dongle) will be portable. It connects with your tablet or smartphone and allows the patient to get fast and accurate result without going to hospital. Although the gadget cannot indicate the disease if the patient had contracted HIV or syphilis less than a month ago, the scientists have high expectations of it. Samuel Sia, the research team leader says, “The test is designed to be used by anyone proficient with a smartphone” and, as every one of us is familiar with high-tech, it would become a major breakthrough in health care.

The test still is in developing but clinical trials have already been conducted in Rwanda. The engineers are hoping that just in few years the dongle will be available for mass market.