Home Improvement Confidence Launched for Lowe's by BBDO NYNew York -With Spring to come by, BBDO New York has initiated a completely new Home Improvement Confidence for Lowe’s in the busiest season of the brand.

With spring just around the corner, BBDO New York has launched a new “Build Your Home Improvement Confidence” for Lowe’s for the brand’s busiest season.

In a series of 30-second broadcast spots, BBDO New York shows how Lowe’s can help build your confidence for home improvement projects with the right advice and guidance, and how that confidence swell doesn’t exactly transfer to other areas. In “Crabgrass” (featured above) for example, a man tells his neighbor how Lowe’s gave him some tips, helped him pick out the right fertilizer to transform his lawn and made him feel like he could do anything. He soon learns, however, that he can’t fold a fitted sheet.

Other spots employ a similarly humorous approach to situations such as a man thinking he can learn sign language so he can talk to a gorilla because Lowe’s showed him how to build a deck and a man pitching a terrible idea to his boss after gaining a swell of confidence from installing a vanity. All of the campaign aspects drive viewers to a content hub hosted on Tumblr, which “curates the best of Lowe’s informational, instructional and inspirational content and is the centerpiece of the new initiative.” While the humor is pretty hit-or-miss, the concept fits with the tagline and content hub well, and is adaptable enough for future expansion or reinterpretation.

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