The sprint race of the NASCAR Daytona has gone with a dramatic crash at the end. As the winner Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in the night to Monday crossed the finish line, was not him after cheer. “Oh, my God, it looked terrible,” he radioed to his crew. Behind him, the car of Austin Dillon was flown at high speed into the safety fence and landed on the roof, before even a competitor crashed into the car.

From everywhere rushed helper to the wreck, tens of parts had been whirled through the air from the. The ambulance was within seconds on the spot. Ultimately, Dillon was able to free from the totally wrecked car. To the cheers of the audience, he raised his arms and pulled off his helmet.

Only his arm and tailbone were in the serious accident, according to him somewhat. “I want to thank all the people who came to the car and took care of me,” Dillon later wrote on Twitter. “We go every week against each other, but we are a family.”

But were also injured four spectators. Three were treated at the track, one was taken to hospital. Daytona president Joie Chitwood said the audience was in a stable condition. Due to rain the start of the race was done three hours late.

Horror Srash During NASCAR Races in Daytona 2 Horror Srash During NASCAR Races in Daytona