HTC Vive – Are you willing to experience the virtual life fully and grab things as well as walk around while you are not actually doing them? If your answer is yes and become one of the first people to experience that, you should make your wallet for the HTC Vive and pre-order it now. The price of the product ranges between 800$ to 900$ and the first products will be delivered on April 5. In the event that you will face with out of stock error, you should know that you must try again since it is a common error and can be fixed with new order.

HTC Vive is Available for Pre-Order, HTC Vive Release Date
HTC Vive is Available for Pre-Order, HTC Vive Release Date

The HTC Vive is one of 2016’s most eagerly anticipated products – so here’s a bit of good news.

HTC has officially announced pricing and pre-order availability for its upcoming virtual reality headset.

The HTC Vive will be opened up to pre-orders tomorrow – Monday, February 29 – at 3pm GMT.

The HTC Vive is coming April 5th

The full release date for the product is set for April 5, which is when pre-ordered headsets should arrive.

And in the UK, that luxury will cost you £689 – the price is the same for both pre-orders and full-availability purchases.

What’s more, the HTC Vive will ship with three virtual reality experiences on board.

The first is Google’s Tilt Brush, a painting experience that takes place in 3D space. You can paint with stars, light, fire, and move through your creations as if they were real.

The second experience is Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives. It’s set in a futuristic world where robots have replaced human jobs, and you’re giving an old “job” a go.

Finally, there’s Fantastic Contraption, which involves building insane structures in fantastical locations.

HTC Vive is Available for Pre-Order, HTC Vive Release Date 2

HTC’s virtual reality headset will cost £689 in the UK — but those pre-ordering it will have to pay an extra £57.60 on shipping.Last week HTC revealed the Vive would cost $799 (£575) in the US but kept quiet about the international cost of the headset. As well as revealing the UK price the company announced the cost for customers in other locations: HTC Vive will cost US $899.00 in Australia, CNY 6,888 in China and €899 across the EU.

The total US cost, with $30 shipping, is $829, while in the UK the addition of £57.60 shipping brings the Vive to £746.60.

HTC Vive is Available for Pre-Order, HTC Vive Release Date 3The Vive is pricer than the Oculus Rift — which costs $499 (£529 in the UK with shipping) — but it does ship with ear buds, a Vive Link Box, two wireless controllers and two base stations that are used to create a VR ‘safe-zone’.

It is also bundled with Job Simulator: the 2050 Archives, a game where robots have replaced all human jobs and Fantastic Contraption, where the player walks around a grassy island and builds a machine with their hands. Anyone who pre-orders the Vive will also get Google’s Tilt Brush.