On Monday, a central judge has issued an opening ban that will temporarily prevent the Obama government to move with immigration issues since a complaint has been places in the court against Obama. The ban has been ordered by Andrew Hanen of US District Court of Brownsville, Texas, I order to investigate that whether Obama government has exceeded his legitimate authority on immigration that he has declared on last year November.

Here a point is to be clarified that the ban is not addressing that Obama’s action is illegal, but it prohibits the government from taking any action on immigration until the court gives ruing on their constitution. Whereas the government is expecting to appeal against the ban. And the ruling will be applied from the very first day of its declaration. Even on 18th February, Obama’s government is about to initiate excepting applications from those who came to US in childhood to stay there and now work legally.

Immigration Action of Obama has been Halted by Central JudgeNow those who are going to apply for the immigration will be incapable to do so as the ruling has been ordered. Even the administration will not carry upon such association with DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) upon Obama’s assistance. The ruling against the immigration actions has been placed on December. Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Ohio, Oklahoma and many other states are associated with the ruling. According to the ruling, Obama’s decision violates the Constitution, and if this is implemented then it will cause irreversible injuries to the many more states of US.