Government censors in India have decided to block the ‘fifty shades of grey’ movie from appearing in cinemas around the country. The movie, based on a book of the same name, contains a large amount of sexual content, making the blocking of it in India quite an anticipated move.

The Central Board of Film Certification made the decision, but have said that Universal Pictures could appeal the decision if they so desired. Although the studio made edits to the sexual content, and took out all of the nudity scenes, in order to try to make it more acceptable for the more conservative countries, India still chose to block the movie.

India Bans 'Fifty Shades of Grey' From CinemasThe movie was first released in February and has done very well at box offices around the world, grossing over US$400 million in its first month. However, many other conservative countries, such as Indonesia, Kenya and Malaysia, have also chosen to ban the film due to its kinky storyline. The distributor for the movie is also not pushing for a release in China, even though China is the second largest movie market in the world, as the country has a history of banning films with a high sexual content.

Recently, India’s censor board has received much criticism for the decisions it has made. In a new Bollywood movie, they insisted that the word ‘lesbian’ was not used at all in the film’s script. With this history, it is no surprise that they have banned ‘fifty shades of grey’, as the movie focuses on a couple’s sadomasochistic relationship.