Chiphersteller Intel may close its department for smart small appliances, many employees are already announced. The departure from the Wearables market had already indicated itself after a product recall.

According to TechCrunch, Intel has released numerous employees from its Wearables division (New Devices Group) as well as the higher-ranking New Technologies Group and may thus be facing the withdrawal from the market with smart devices. The news page is based on sources close to the company.

Intel before busting its Wearables division

Purchases and own processor

The Chiphersteller had bought into this market with several acquisitions until late 2014 with the purchase of the Fitness Tracker producer Basis Science and 2015 with the take over of the sportbrillen specialists Recon Instruments. Intel had also released several development platforms for wearables of all kinds, most recently a “Curie” in 2015 with its own system-on-chip “Quark”.

Abrupt end of a Smartwatch

At the electronics trade fair CES in January 2016 in Las Vegas, Intel Wearables were still at the forefront. In August of this year, however, the manufacturer recalled the Smartwatch Base Peak and Base Titanium models worldwide after a few instances of overheating – first, a software update should fix the problem, but eventually the product was taken off the market. In addition, the company at that time surprisingly announced that the servers required to operate the device should be shut down at the end of the year.

According to TechCrunch, several employees are expected to have received a termination at the end of 2016. An opinion from Intel is not available to the news service so far.