As per the investigators, the battery that powered the flight data recorders’ underwater locator beacon of the Malaysia Airlines jet had already expired in December 2012. Questions are being raised whether it facilitated disappearance of the aircraft. Whether if it were not the case, the aircraft could have been located? The Beijing bound flight MH370 of the Malaysia Airlines disappeared shortly after the take off from Kuala Lumpur on 8th March last year.

An interim report published after investigating the disappearance of the flight MH370; take into account the radars tracking the plane going off the course, and other issues including the condition of the battery of the underwater locator beacon of the flight data recorder. However, it has not specified a certain cause of the disappearance of the aircraft, but added that nothing suspicious had been found in the personal, financial, and medical records of pilots and crew members. One of the greatest mysteries of the world, the plane with 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board went missing, and all efforts to locate the plane so far has been fruitless. Investigators believe that the plane must have flown thousands of miles before crashing into the ocean off the Australian coast.

Investigating Into the Causes of Disappearance of MH370The team investigating the disappearance was led by Malaysia and included experts from a number of countries such as Britain, the U.S., France, China, and Australia. The team confirmed in its interim report that the data recorder’s underwater locator beacon of the flight was not replaced due to the computer system of the engineering department lacked proper updating. This flaw might have made the search for the plane more difficult. As for the life of the battery, former head of UK Civil Aviation Authorities of flight operations department, Captain Mike Vivian, told that it had not been a conventional battery which expired and stopped working. He added that there were reasons to believe that the battery continued working and faded out. These types of batteries had long life, say for six years or so, and hence, it was within the time limit, he further added. However, he was of the view that the battery should have been replaced.