“Enable video calls by invitation” – currently running in WhatsApp ads with this content. The supposed invitation comes from friends. But be careful: If you open the link, fraudsters get glue.

Online fraudsters are taking advantage of the new video call feature from WhatsApp, reports the website “Mimikama.at”. Anyone who follows the invitation is prompted to send the message to five additional contacts. The smartphone starts to vibrate. In addition, the message appears that the phone is infected with viruses – also the victim gets a link to an alleged antivirus app.

Invitation to the WhatsApp video call leads into the trap

Users who have received such a message should simply delete the invitation. In order to be able to have a videophone with WhatsApp, users of the messenger do not need an invitation. This is undoubtedly an attempt at fraud.

Video calls with WhatsApp: How does it work?

In order to be able to use WhatsApp a videotelefonate, the new version of WhatsApp is required. These users receive via the update function of the smartphone.

Basically, apps should only be loaded from Google’s Play Store – and only those that have been available for a few days. At the same time, it is advisable not to enable the option “Allow apps from unknown sources” in the security settings.