For several weeks, Apple has been trying to move computer users to switch to an iPad Pro with funny commercials. Tweets are often used to explain how to solve the problem with the Apple tablet or simplify everyday life. There were already videos, where the iPad as a printer replacement was used. In the latest short clips, the Apple Pencil and the paperless office will once again be placed in the foreground.

“The best computer is perhaps not one,” writes Apple on its official website on the iPad Pro, which has been tried since the presentation 1.5 years ago potential customers to make clear, not only the tablet was given a special pen, But also released the Smart Keyboard for the first time with a cover with an integrated keyboard.

IPad Pro in the Video Perfect for Writing Notes

In the latest spot, you can see how easy and fast you can make notes with the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil not only but also makes you better. You can, for example, insert pictures and then add annotations or markings to bring the most important data to the right place. In addition, Apple makes the possibility to be able to make audio recordings with some apps, in order not to miss anything.

The second spot is less trimmed on students or students, but is about the work in the office. There, the desk is one of the most important places, however, in the video shown is superfluous equipment and objects populated. The iPad Pro is shown here as a real alternative to the scanner, printer, paper and of course to the computer itself. This allows you to say goodbye to many things.