Apple wants its iPhone to the tenth anniversary with OLED displays. Due to supply bottlenecks, however, there will be only one of the three iPhone-8 models with this display technology.

IPhone 8: OLED with obstacles

As the well-connected Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman reported together with Jungah Lee, Apple wants to put on its anniversary iPhones next year on OLED displays. OLED displays deliver richer colors, a deep black, and are more energy-efficient than the LCD displays used to date with the iPhones. However, according to Gurman, Apple is faced with a problem: the large OLED display manufacturers can not deliver the required quantities – the talk is of 100 million display units in a year. Only 2018 the situation should relax.

iphone 8 apple does not get enough oled displays for its jubilee devices

Among the largest OLED display producers include Samsung Display, LG Display, Sharp and Japan Display. According to Gurman, Samsung is the only supplier for the iPhone 8 OLED displays, but the South Korean company is unable to produce a sufficient quantity. According to Gurman, the reason is, among other things, the more elaborate manufacturing process. However, it is also assumed that Samsung is holding enough displays for its own smartphones – especially the Galaxy S8 and the already confirmed grade 8.

Besides Samsung, Sharp also seems to be involved in the production of the OLED displays for Apple’s iPhones. This confirmed Sharp CEO Tai Jeng-wu against the Japanese economic newspaper Nikkei. However, the expansion of production plants is not yet finalized until April 2018.

2017 only one model with OLED display

In the face of the bottlenecks and the expected high demand for a completely revised iPhone model, Apple should have decided to offer only a 2017er iPhone with OLED technology. According to an older report, the OLED model should have a curved screen, which is bent around the housing side like the Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge (Test). Again and again rumors arise, according to which the front completely made of display and the Hardware-Homebutton disappear.

In addition to the iPhone with OLED display, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Nikkei two more models will be presented with LC display. The major iPhone redesign is also to bring a wireless charge and an iris scanner. Whether all the presumed features will be on board will show. Before we can probably in March 2017 reckon with new iPads.