The facial recognition of the user and a screen that covers virtually the entire front surface by minimizing frames and removing the home button are the keys to the iPhone X, Apple’s new smartphone that goes on sale starting at $ 999 .

Apple CEO Tim Cook was today the master of ceremonies for a very special event for the technology giant, celebrating the ten years of its iconic iPhone and officially inaugurating its new and huge Apple campus Park, in the Californian city of Cupertino.

“The first iPhone revolutionized a decade of technology … Now, ten years later, we’re here in this place and on this day to unveil a product that will mark a road for technology in the next decade,” Cook said in the new Theater Steve Jobs in an event in which was very present the memory of the charismatic founder of the company.

iPhone X 2

The highlight of the event was the presentation of the iPhone X, the new Apple smartphone that includes a facial recognition method, called Face ID, which will be a new way of secure access to the device.

This identification technology replaces the Touch ID touch-screen and uses an infrared camera, among other things, to turn the user’s face into a personal password.

This facial recognition technology will also be recreated for the animoji, a personalized version of the emoji that will be created from people’s gestures as well as the Apple Pay payment method.

Another of the great novelties of iPhone X is the 5.8-inch OLED screen that will take almost the entire front of the device by minimizing the frames, which previously limited and framed the touch surface.

The new model also eliminates the start button, a key function to handle the interface of the previous iPhone.

The screen of the new mobile, which Apple has called Super Retina, will have a resolution of 2436×1125 and 458 pixels per inch.

The deletion of the start button will alter the normal operation of the iPhone, so in iPhone X, for example, to return to the base screen will have to slide the finger from the bottom of the mobile, while to activate the Siri digital assistant you can press and hold the side button.

Apple also stressed that the batteries of the new iPhone will last two hours longer than the previous model, the iPhone 7, and also ensured that it will be compatible with a system to power its batteries without requiring chargers with cables.

In this sense, the company announced that next year will unveil a multiple charger without cables and surface shaped to be called Air Power.

As for the photographic features, the iPhone X will include a 12 megapixel camera with dual optical stabilization and enhancements in the “portrait mode” for the front camera, especially designed for self-portraits.

The iPhone X will have two versions, 64 and 256 gigabytes of storage, and its starting price will be $ 999, a figure much higher than the $ 649 game that cost the previous model, the iPhone 7.

The mobile can be booked on October 27 and will go on sale on November 3, a wait longer than usual for new iPhone models, which seems to confirm information that pointed to a delay in the manufacture of iPhone X.

iPhone X

Among the more than 50 countries that will be able to enjoy the new mobile phone since November 3 are Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

The presentation of the iPhone X left in the background the other announcements of the day, such as the iPhone 8 and 8 plus, which represent a technological evolution from the advances of the iPhone 7, as well as the new ranges of the smart watch Apple Watch and the TV receiver Apple TV, which will now support 4K resolution images and HDR technology.

As for Apple’s watches, focused on healthy living and the promotion of exercise, Apple Watch Series 3 showed the main novelty of the phone’s own connectivity without relying on an iPhone.

Another significant advance of this device will be the introduction of Apple Music, which will allow users to enjoy online music directly through the smart clock.

Taking advantage of the opening of the Steve Jobs Theater, Tim Cook paid tribute to the founder and soul of Apple.

“We dedicated this theater to Steve because we loved him and because he loved days like today,” said Apple’s CEO.

The news of Apple, the company with greater capitalization around the world, were not received with enthusiasm by the investors, since its shares fell 0.5% in the market of Wall Street.