Iran Delegation Leave for Iran, Resumes Nuclear Talks Next WeekIranian negotiators are scheduled to leave nuclear negotiations going on in Switzerland after having final consultations today afternoon with John Kerry, the U.S. Secretary of State. They have to attend the funeral of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s mother who died on Friday. The talks between the two sides are scheduled to resume during the next week.

The news came through an Iranian official who requested not to be named. The president Rouhani’s brother, who was one among the negotiators, had already left Lausanne, the place of negotiations for the last six days. As per Marie Harf, deputy spokeswoman of the State Department of the US, European Union foreign ministers had planned to participate in the talks in Lausanne, on the shores of Lake Geneva, but would now meet John Kerry on Saturday in Europe. She also confirmed the resumption of talks with Iran next week.

Javad Zarif, Iranian foreign minister and his US counterpart, John Kerry, confided that though progresses were achieved in talks, there had been several technical issues that remained to be resolved. The diplomats have to come to a framework of agreement by the end of this month. Sergei Ryabkov, Russian foreign minister, told that the points of contention included the length of the agreement, the pace at which relief from sanction would come, and the issue of international monitoring. In an interview over phone he added that the draft of final agreement was not likely to be circulated before the end of June. The inducements offered to Iran, as per the US and European officials not to be named, included a clause under which world power would vow to lift US and European oil sanctions within a few months of signing the agreement, provided Iran accepted strict limits and deep inspections on its nuclear program for a period of ten years at the least.