ISIS, Baghdad, Iraq – ISIS continued to raise their back-to-back bombing rate by targeting market again which resulted in 73 deaths. A total of 112 were found injured after the recent bomb attack and are still in hospital. As per the police official, 5 people are reported to be missing since the incident.

The Prime Minister of Iraq broke his silent and called for the more efforts to stop further terrorist attacks. Right after the attack, ISIS showed up accepting the complete responsibility of the attack. Seven more deaths were reported in a different attack somewhere else in the Baghdad by the official sources.
At least 70 people died in Baghdad in two suicide bombings perpetrated by the Islamic State targeting an outdoor market in a predominantly Shia district.

The explosion in Baghdad’s Sadr City on Sunday left at least 161 people injured. The explosions were reportedly caused by a motorcycle rigged with explosives and a suicide bomber who detonated as people gathered to help those injured from the first explosion.

ISIS Bomb Attack

ISIS Vows to Continue ‘Cutting Off Heads’ After 70 Are Killed in Baghdad Bloodbath

The Islamic State’s media wing — the al-Hayat Media Center — claimed responsibility for the attack and said more attacks would follow.

The Islamic State is a Sunni militant Islam group and considers Shiites to be heretics.

Last week, the group claimed responsibility for a similar attack in a Shia suburb of Damascus, Syria.

Since 2014 the group has controlled swaths of land in northern and western Iraq after spilling over from Syria in a rapid advance that sent thousands of Iraqi troops fleeing.

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Baghdad Bombing Attacks (file photo)
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Baghdad Bombing Attacks (file photo)

The Iraqi military, supported by airstrikes from a U.S.-led coalition, has counter-attacked since then, seizing IS-held cities such as Tikrit, Sinjar and Ramadi.

However, the militants still possess strongholds in Mosul, Fallujah and neighboring Syria — and continue conducting suicide bomb attacks in Shia communities, often detonating a follow-up explosive after emergency services and crowds have formed at the scene of an initial blast.