The Iraqi officials have reported the destruction of ruins of the ancient city Hatra in Iraq by the, Islamic State militants. As per an official of the tourism and antiquities ministry, the extent of damage caused at the UNESCO world heritage site, Hatra, could not be assessed so far, but unconfirmed reports hint at complete demolition. The Hatra heritage site was created during the reign of the Parthian empire, around 2000 years ago.

Islamic State militants had earlier bulldozed the artifacts of museum in Mosul, and destroyed the ruins of the city of Nimrud. The IS which controls large chunk of areas in Iraq and Syria holds the notion that statues and idols are of no use, and need to be destroyed. The UNESCO has strongly condemned the destruction of the ruins of an ancient civilization, and said that the militants had little respect for the heritage and history of the Arabs. The head of UNESCO added that the horrifying acts of cultural cleaning by the IS militants should be condemned in strongest possible words.

ISIS Carried Out the Ignoble Act of Destruction of Ancient Hatra Site in IraqHatra, the heritage site, is situated around 110 km south-west of the city of Mosul. It being a fortified city withstood Roman invasions due its thick walls and watch towers. There have been numerous religious temples and sculptures of gods such as Apollo and Poseidon. As per a Kurdistan Democratic Party official, Said Mamuzini, buildings and other structures were blown up by militants using explosives and bulldozers. The people of the locality had heard several powerful explosions. The Hatra city was situated on a vast area, he added, and contained precious stones, gold, and silver articles many of which had already been taken away by the militants.

The Tourism and Antiquities Ministry issued a statement blaming international community for the destruction of the Iraqi ancient monuments. The ministry added that dilly dallying in the international support for Iraq had instigated IS militants to commit crimes after crimes such as killings of human beings, stealing precious metals, and demolishing the ruins of Hatra and several other cities.