class=” wp-image-2652 alignleft” src=”” alt=”ISIS Has Negligible Influence on Indian Muslims Home Minister Rajnath Singh” width=”423″ height=”285″ />Rajnath Singh, Home Minister of India, on Thursday spoke in support of the Indian Muslims when he said that those could not be influenced by such terrorist groups like Islamic State, or ISIS as it is commonly referred. Calling the Indian Muslims “patriots”, he added that only a few misguided Muslim youths had joined the IS, and many of even those had returned on being persuaded by their families. He further added that he was happy over the fact that Indian youths had not been influenced by ISIS.

The Home Minister, who was addressing a motley group of strategic thinkers, policy makers, scholars, and field experts at the three-day conference on International Counter-Terrorism, told that failure on the part of the IS to attract Indian Muslims that constituted the second largest Muslim population in the world was due to the Muslims’ complete integration with the national mainstream. They were patriots and could not be swayed by fundamentalist ideologies, Singh added while addressing the inaugural session of the conference on the Thursday morning.

India, which has the second largest population in the world after Indonesia, housed all 72 firqas of Muslims, and owns the oldest church ever known to the mankind, believed in peaceful co-existence since times immemorial, Singh said in the backdrop of attacks on the minority communities all over the country.

Coming back on the issue of terrorists, Home Minister was categorical in referring to Pakistan which, he said, had been using terrorist outfits for a proxy war. He said that Pakistan’s policy of differentiation between good and bad terrorists was detrimental to even for Pakistan itself. He said that peace and security was a precondition for development and prosperity of the people of a country. Any country affected by such terrorist outfit as IS, or ISIS, or any other could not prosper properly.