On Tuesday, ISIS militants put about 45 people in fire in the western Iraqi town named al-Baghdadi, the place is just five miles away of an air space where about hundreds of US armies stay at. The local police head mentioned to BBC that the identities of who were killed are not clear. But it can be assumed that within the victims there can be some of the local government forces that have conflict with ISIS activist for long time. ISIS activist captured mostly of the city last week.

Cornel Qasim Obeidi, asking for help from the government of Iraq and from the international delegates, claimed that the compound has been seized in which families of security people have been recited. This report of killing in fire has been published just after a day of displaying the horrible video of slaughtering 21 Christian people by ISIS activist at the beach side of Libya . The whole world has been burst out in cry, along with condolence from people like Pope Francis, he has mentioned the mass killing a horrible ‘barbaric’ act.
Just at the beginning of this month, ISIS released another video showing a convoy of vehicles flying the ISIS black colored flag and driving through the streets of Benghazi, Libya. The video has also shown men, women and kids cherishing and supporting them.

Al-Baghdadi, which is approx. 50 miles north of Ramadi is placed about five miles from Ain al-Asad air base, where about 400 US military people giving training to armed forces of Iraq on how to take over on ISIS. The training base was been attacked by a small ISIS group which is now proclaiming that was an preplanned attack for such a full strength attack.