class=” wp-image-1967 alignleft” src=”” alt=”Isis Video Shows Child Militant Shooting Dead” width=”312″ height=”189″ />A shocking video released by ISIS shows a child militant shooting a 19-year old Israeli Arab man dead. The man was suspected to be an Israeli spy.

The 13-minute video depicted a man, later identified as Muhammad Said Ismail Musallam, wearing an orange jumpsuit admitting his being a spy of the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, prior to his being shot dead by a boy apparently not older than 12. The video film also showed Musallam discussing the training he had received, and revealing how much he would be paid for spying on ISIS. Musallam also re-enacted the scene of his being captured by the ISIS militants, and warned others against daring to do so; else they would meet the same fate. The next scene showed, in slow motion, the young boy snaring at the back of Musallam’s neck on grass before the camera turned abruptly to show the boy and a militant both with covered faces standing behind a kneeling Musallam. Then, the militant speaking in French threatened Jews of dire consequences, and cursed Musallam as an “evil apostate spy”. The young boy was then accosted to the front of Musallam, and then, he apparently shot him dead.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry refused to comment, but Shin Bet international security agency of Israel told that it had already proclaimed Musallam as an absconder who had fled to Turkey to fight alongside ISIS, also called Islamic State. The video has not yet been verified independently, but appeared to have been issued by the Furqan media arm of the militant group , and it displayed ISIS flag in a corner. Musallam’s father speaking after the release of the video denied his son being a Mossad spy. He added that his son had fled to Syria four months ago, and had contacted family from ISIS’s so called headquarter Raqqa to tell that he desired to return home. Musallam online had long beard and hair, and was reported to have been fed up with the war-like situation there; his father further added. His father reiterated emphatically that Musallam had not been working for Mossad.