Apple was ordered to pay $532.9nillion in fines after they lose the patent infringement case which related to the software’s of iTunes.

Bloomberg reports that the argument made by apple showed that they had never used the patents in question.

Cupertino, claimed in a statement that smart flash is nothing but a patent troll. An email that was written by apple spokeswoman claimed that no products were made by smartflash, it creates no jobs and employees. The spoke woman claimed they took the fight through the court system since they could not pay for what their employees spent sleepless nights to come up with.

The damages that Smartflash sought for would not award the $852 million though apple is still give huge financial punch by the given ruling as it claimed 3 patents could not go over %4.5 million in value.

Amazon, Google, Samsung and HTC are also sued by Smartflash for infringement of patents.

The iTunes Patent case would force apple to pay $533M