The first daughter Ivanka Trump revealed that she suffered depression after the birth, after the birth of each of her three children.

“It was very … it was a real challenge, something very emotional for me,” he told an interview with Dr. Oz. “I felt that I was not living up to my potential as a mother and as an executive.”

When asked why he chose to share such a personal revelation about his health, Trump admitted that he did not intend to go that far, but said the subject was “incredibly important.”

“Look, I consider myself a very hard person, I am ambitious, passionate, enterprising, but this is something that affects the parents of the whole country,” he added.

Ivanka Trump reveals one of her personal secrets

The problem was greater, she said, because she had easy pregnancies, so the final emotion was “much stronger” for her.

Trump also discussed his role as one of the closest confidants to the president, while maintaining his role as a daughter.

“I have my opinions and I share them frankly,” he told Dr. Oz. “As a daughter, I have the freedom to do so, but I also respect the fact that my father is now the president, and the American people chose him based on their agenda and my job is not to undermine that agenda.”

The businesswoman has been criticized for not intervening enough to moderate the decisions of her father, President Donald Trump, especially on migration issues, climate change and rights of vulnerable groups such as the LGBTQ community.