Fantasy football is ready for a twist next season. With a $9 million a year deal already wrapped up for Julius Thomas’ switch to Jacksonville Jaguars, this may backfire on Julius’ fantasy popularity. His spot as a tight end will surely be left bare in the Broncos’ line-up.

Julius Thomas’ last two season’s record with the Denver Broncos shows an end zone hit of 24 times in 27 games for the Portland-born star. He also garnered a total of red-zone targets of 33. This was because of the high rate of offensive plays engineered by the Peyton Manning. On the other side at Jacksonville, the last 2 seasons saw the top tight end Marcedes Lewis make only a total red-zone targets of 12 in 19 games. This simply means that with such an impressive record already existing at Jacksonville, Julius Thomas will be dropping from a passing offense rank of 7, to 32 – NFL’s worst record according to Pro Football Focus.

Jaguar Switch and Julius Thomas' Fantasy NightmareFrom fantasy perspective, this is even lenient, as Thomas’ position as the number 3 tight end should really find a new level of number 7. This does not look good neither does his prospects for 2015.

Back in Denver, despite the fact that Owen Daniels career is no longer as flourishing as before, he will remain with the Broncos due to his relationship with Gary Kubiak – the new coach, and because he is the most preferred tight end choice for the coach’s tight-end plays. Virgil Green could be brought back, just that his style of play will not suit the kind of plays the coach has in mind now.