Jamie Oliver Named Best Celebrity ChefA new study has shown that Jamie Oliver has been named as the best celebrity chef of all time. The 39 year old British chef first began his career on television in 1999, with his show The Naked Chef. Delia Smith came second in the poll, followed by Gordon Ramsay, Keith Floyd and Nigella Lawson.

The study also showed that not only were Jamie Oliver’s cook books found in the most homes around the country, but his recipes were also much easier to follow when compared to those of other chefs. The study also showed that mothers would most like Jamie Oliver to cook them a meal on Mother’s Day, rather than the other chefs.

Although there has been a surge in the number of celebrity chefs on television these days, Jamie Oliver still remains the nations favourite, mostly due to his easy to follow recipes and his boy next door charm and appeal.

The increase of celebrity chefs and their cooking shows has led to more men playing a part in the kitchen. It has also led to people enjoying the process of cooking more, rather than seeing it as a means to an end each evening. Research has also shown that the average adult watches at least 3 hours of cooking programmes by celebrity chefs each month, and the average home contains at least 3 cook books by celebrity chefs.

Other chefs to be included in the study were Heston Blumenthal, Mary Berry and Fanny Cradock.