Jamie Oliver, one of the most loved celebrity chefs in the UK, has a website that receives about 10 million visitors a month. Hackers recently managed to access the site, and any users that visited it would have been re-directed to a WordPress site, which is run by the hackers. This would then force malware onto users’ systems, by requiring them to install additional software. The result would be extremely dangerous for their computer’s system, as well as for each individual user’s security and privacy.

The attacks on the website, which is ranked 519th in the UK, were realised this morning, and the website is now down whilst the problem is being solved. However, it is extremely likely that the hackers accessed the site from a few days ago, and it has only just now been realised.

Jamie Oliver's Website Exposes Users to Vicious MalwareThe offending script will need to be deleted, and the operators of the website will need to thoroughly search the site to look for any additional evidence of infection. The hack is very similar to one recently experienced by news site Forbes, although that attack targeted specific users, whereas the one on Jamie Oliver’s website seems to try to catch out as many users as possible.

Jamie Oliver has yet to comment on the attack. Users are warned to stay clear of his website until it is confirmed that it is once again safe to be used, although users that have the latest version of Flash, Java and Silverlight will likely be protected either way.